Jiu Jitsu By The Sea - Winter 2015
Santa Clara Convention Center
Saturday, January 24, 2015
Santa Clara - CA
This event will be part of the MMA Expo.
Saturday GI and NOGI Competition


Kids will compete in groups similar in age / weight / and belt levels.
Spectator Fee $20 At the Door
All KIDS will weigh in at Check In with GI ON.
All WHITE BELTS will weigh in at Check In with GI ON.
All UPPER BELTS will weigh in right before their first fight with GI ON.
***Blue and Purple Belt Open Divisions***
Declare to be aware that this entry in this event, duly accepted and approved by the organization of the tournament, obliges me to the following clauses :
I - In signing this term, I declare myself fit for the sport and there is no impediment medical, physical or legal for participation in the competition. I am committed to bringing the knowledge of the organizing committee of the tournament to occur in the course of the championship, any injury or impediment to sports, and to award the organization of the event to decide about my stay in the competition. The omission of any information or fact to compromise my participation exempts organizers arbitration committee and other members and participants of any harmful event arising from the tournament.
II - I declare to submit this signed term that I do not use any anabolic substance. In case of omission or false statement, the organization of the tournament disclaims any liability and may even disqualify the contestant in the event of proof.
III - I declare myself aware of the risks inherent in my physical nature of the sport activity practiced. In case of injury or injuries of any kind, including death, I assume full responsibility for the damage, exempting the organizers, sponsors, and other arbitration committee members and participants from any liability arising from participation in the tournament.
V - I authorize the medical staff designated by the organizers of the event, any intervention needed to ensure my health and physical integrity, especially my immediate transportation to hospital if the situation so requires, along the lines of medical imposed by regulators competent.
IV - The rights and dissemination of images, devise the event organizers, sponsors and entities all rights to use my image (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet, posters and so on.,) To be made at any time without compensation , being unnecessary, therefore, any other verbal or written permission.
V - I understand that attendance at this event constitutes my irrevocable consent to be photographed, videotaped and recorded. By attending this public event I am giving irrevocable consent to the use of my likeness For the purposes of advertising, promotion, and sale throughout the world in perpetuity. This license extends to Tournament360 and others acting upon the event organizers behalf. Licensing includes but is not limited to television, newspaper, magazine, social media, promotional posters, and online use. By attending this event I waiver any and all compensation for such use.
VI - I understand that I may be contacted by the event promoter for future related events via email.